Command Line Usage


Build a wheel for the given project.



-s, --sdist

Build a source distribution.

-w, --wheel

Build a wheel.

-b, --binary

Build a binary distribution.

-B, --builder <BUILDER>

The builder to build with.

--build-dir <DIRECTORY>

The temporary build directory.

-o, --out-dir <DIRECTORY>

The output directory.

-v, --verbose

Enable verbose output.

-S, --show-builders

Show the builders which will be used, and exit.

-T, --traceback

Show the complete traceback on error.

--colour, --no-colour

Whether to use coloured output.



The path to the project to build.

Optional argument. Default '.'

Editable installs

Whey also supports PEP 660 editable installs via pip. Editable installs allow changes to the project’s source code (but not its entry points and other metadata) to be automatically reflected when the module is next imported.

To install the project in the current directory in editable mode, run the following command:

python3 -m pip install --editable .

See the pip documentation for more details.

If using pip’s --no-build-isolation flag 1, whey must be installed with the editable extra, as additional requirements are required for editable installs.